Company Profile

LSK is organised in 2 businesses

Our core competency is disc duplication, printing and production systems and development and manufacturing of travel document printers. Our Passport and Visa Printers features besides other biometric safety criteria, RFID technology and printing with UV inks.


LSK is a multinational company based in Dieburg (Germany). We were founded in 1987 by Peter Pühler and grew under his leadership and in collaboration with our business partner Terra computer systems, from a manufacturer of Floppy Disc duplication systems to a leader of innovative solutions to copy and print optical media and special printing devices for various applications in the industry and government.


LSK support and counsel all industry, bank, commerce & government globally getting comprehensive solutions in state of the art data communication & printing devices.

Strong Partner Ship with Hewlett Packard

All LSK printer solutions are based on the innovative print technology by Hewlett Packard. Hewlett Packard, the no. 1 vendor of PC and Printers in the world, supports us and consequently the requests of our market ideally. Since the beginning of our cooperation we could increase our business with on demand special printing devices for more than 30 %.


Our philosophy, Quality and Innovation, has been confirmed by our frequent growing customer and partner relation ships all over the world.

In-Person Consulting

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