Mass - Duplication with Gamma XS

Easy to use, High Speed Stand-Alone Unit

For those not requiring an integrated printer, we offer automatic solutions to suit.

The Gamma XS stand-alone automatic system is perfect for professional optical disc duplication. Fast and jam free reliable mechanism loads discs from input bin to the drives. Defective discs are rejected in a separate bin. Multiple CD or DVD Master images can be stored on the internal hard disc drive for fast and simple re-order processing of recurrent jobs.

The Gamma 7 XS comes with seven writers and an input capacity of 600 discs.

Simple Operation

The Gamma XS is controlled using a simple 6 keys and 4 x 20 char LCD display.


Both the master and copy CD or DVD can be compared to the master image to give complete data integritiy assurance.


To test equipment or media the Gamma XS can be driven in simulation mode.


The Gamma XS series allows users to store multiple CD images to its built-in hard disk. This makes it easier and faster to duplicate the same image to CDs in multiple of times.

Tipp: Combine the Gamma XS with our automated CD/DVD Print Station.

Features Gamma XS

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