Commercial users

For automatic "direct to surface" CD/DVD printing without recording the Gamma Autoloader unit can be adapted to our Printer solutions.

According to your requirements please choose between Inkjet and Thermal Re-Transfer Technology.

Features Gamma 8 Autoprinter

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  • Simple operation
  • Fully automatic
  • Reliable and proven robotics
  • Industrial design
  • Upgradeable technology
  • 4 Bins, 200 Discs each
  • Input up to 600 discs
  • Business Card Adapter (opt.)

Gamma 8 Autoprinter TI 200

Gamma 8 Autoprinter TI 500

Gamma 8 Autoprinter TRT

  • Including Thermal Re Transfer Printer TEAC P 55
  • Photo realistic prints, extremely durable
  • waterproofen, scratchresistant
  • UV-Light protected
  • CD-R/DVD-R Label Print for commercial business use
  • Digital on demand printing
  • High quality image print for commercial use