Disc Publishing Systeme
Office & Small Business. From single user to multi function network printer, copier & reader convincing through cheep cost per disc. (…) Commercial users. Industrial design modular with variable printer concept and professional production software. (…)
CD/DVD/BD Printer
Office & Small Business. Manual inkjet printers became standard for this segment. Inkjet Technology by Hewlett Packard. (…) Commercial users. High Speed for high throughput, industrial design, modular and innovative print technology and software. (…)
Industries & Software solution Consumables
Disc Publishing Software, customized solutions for data distribution, archiving, multi media, audio and video production applications. (…) Best quality and most reliable for professional use for all our systems. Inks, Ribbons and Media. (…)
Printer Modding
Special printing systems for on demand printing on almost all materials & surfaces, like document printer, packaging printer or similar. (…)