Coating Systems CD/DVD

Disc Finishing

Ink Jet printed discs are vibrant with high quality colour and the current ink and disc surface technology means that discs are normally dry to touch as soon as they are printed. This finish is more than suitable for many applications, however all ink jet based printing solutions utilise water based inks and should a disc be handled with wet or moist hands the printed image is liable to staining or smudging. The Art Coater Automatic, holds 220 discs and also produces a disc every 30 seconds.

The Art Coater Automatic is the ideal finishing device, providing photo quality printed discs with a permanent and water proof finish. Designed to be used in a printing and duplication environment, the Artcoater is clean and virtually odourless with the benefit of low cost consumables. The Art Coater costs less than one penny per disc.

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