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Depending on application different demands like quality requirements, cost per print expectations etc. exist. Whether you need to print high resolution spectacular photos, high speed, waterproofen, just text or serial numbers, our most advanced label printers covers every demand any time.

We offer:

Thermal Ink-Jet Printer ODP 200

Inkjet printing provides vibrant full colour photo quality discs which are also economical to produce. Our ODP 200 is a high professional working tool for industrial CD/DVD print applications and environments. It is available as a cost-effective stand-alone desktop unit or paired with our CD/DVD Duplication Systems. Through constant R&D the ODP 200 comes with an exhausting system to extract colour mist during the printing process which is an important quality issue using high resolution ink-jet printers.

Features ODP 200

Photo-Realistic Images on CDs and DVDs

The ODP 200 incorporates HP's unique PhotoREt IV color-layering technology and ColorSmart III color optimization technology to create realistic photo images, vivid color output, and extremely sharp text to your published CDs and DVDs. Its professional performance is reflected especially when printing photo images up to 4800 dpi. When printing text or graphics the ODP convinces you with speed. Sharpness also for fonts, eye-popping colours and smooth colour gradients characterize media printed with the ODP 200.

HP printing systems — Designed to save ink and money

Some printer manufacturers claim that systems with tri-colour cartridges waste ink as the whole cartridge needs to be replaced when a particular colour runs out; whereas in individual-cartridge systems, only the ink that has run out needs be replaced.

In truth, efficient ink usage is not about the type of cartridge (individual or tri-colour), but rather about the design and performance of the printing system.

To demonstrate the point, HP commissioned independent research. The research shows that tested against comparable HP tri-colour-cartridge printers, competing-brand printers with individual ink cartridges used twice as much ink to print the same number of pages*! With their efficient design, HP printers print up to twice as many high-quality pages using the same amount of ink as competing printers with individual ink cartridges*. Clearly, printers with individual ink cartridges for each colour are not inherently more efficient than printers with tri-colour cartridges.

*Based on printers and usage profiles tested in independent testing, Inkjet Printing Efficiency: Yield and the Customer Experience, SpencerLab Digital Color Laboratory, July 2005, commissioned by HP.

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Single Ink - Inkjet Printer ODP 500

The ODP 500 is based on the approved Hewlett Packard High-End Office Jet printing technology and is available in-line with the LSK CD/DVD duplicator and printer robotic systems.

With its print speed from fifteen seconds up to a maximum of two minutes per disc, the ODP 500 is the optimal solution for the industrial user who has high print volumes. The four single ink cartridges, which can be replaced individually, are located separately outside the printing area and are connected to the two print heads via a tube system.

The separated technology (off-axis) leads to lower printing costs per disc because each ink is completely used up and because the high-performance print heads have a lifetime of about 90,000 prints. The high filling capacity of the ink cartridges (Black: 69 ml, Cyan, Magenta & Yellow each 28 ml) constitutes another advantage. This ink capacity allows unattended printing for a longer period of time, e.g. overnight.

A resolution of up to 1200x1200 dpi can be selected for black and white prints. Color prints can be printed with a resolution of up to 4800x1200 dpi (optimized). The ODP 500 has a high-speed USB interface and is compatible with both PC and MAC systems.

Features ODP 500

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Thermal Re-Transfer Printer Teac P-55

The TEAC P-55 thermal re-transfer printer produces professional CD-R and DVD labels in a quality unheard of until now. The discs once printed are scratchproof, UV-protected and water repellent. Thanks to its innovative thermal re-transfer print system, 4-colour, extremely durable CD/DVD full colour CMYK discs can be created quickly and effortlessly. There is no additional finishing needed. With the P 55 you will achieve fantastic looking CD/DVD discs on demand and up to 2,000 monochrome or 500 4-colour discs per ribbon.

The TEAC P-55 is available as a cost-effective stand-alone desktop unit or in-line with the LSK CD/DVD Duplication Systems for high quality, professionally finished CD/DVD discs.

Photo-realistic presentation

With the P-55, label finishing reaches a completely new level of quality where sharpness, contrast and luminance are concerned.

High durability

Media printed with the P-55 are coated (Clear Coating Procedure) and consequently are not just scratchproof, but also UV-protected and water repellent

Fast and good value for money

Compared to conventional offset printing in small batches, you can save costs and you are completely independent with On-Demand Production

Areas of application

The TEAC P-55 is designed as a professional solution that can be used in various corporate areas and industries. With, for example, software distribution in smaller editions, in the music industry, for creating appealing casting CDs and DVDs (audio, video and photo), for company presentations (canvassing and self-portrayal) or also for local sales promotions.

Features TEAC P-55

Features of Thermal Re-Transfer Printing

Thermal Transfer Printer Prism Plus

The Prism Plus uses thermal transfer technology. Printing is as easy as printing on paper. The software supports professional design and processing of CD-/DVD labels. Thermal transfer represent fast printing, economical production cost and a professional print result.

Features Prism Plus

Feautures of Thermal Transfer Printing

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