Data Forensic

Read Disc Software Option

Transferring discs to a PC´s hard drive is time consuming if done manually. With the Read Disc Software Optione you get a disc-to-file processing solution that supports computer forensics standards and features unattended operation. Selecting "Read Disc" in the Job Scheduler a batch of recorded discs will be read and stored on your computer/network harddisc. Filenames are created (Date/Hour/Label) and failures are recorded in the logfile.

Easy to use with less clicks only

  • Put discs into the input hopper
  • Start Read Disc function
  • Select parameter
  • Start Read in
  • Discs are readed and logged automatically


  • Reading disc files to harddrive automatically
  • Reading the Disc as an image to harddrive automatically
  • External harddrive is supported
  • Read Disc counter, including logfile registry
  • Flexible naming of directories and images
  • Monitoring of reading process
  • Possible to store case specific data to the log file
  • Able to recognize and process multisession discs
  • Able to recognize and process special formats like mixed mode CDs and CD-extra
  • Error Discs are stored to the separate reject bin
  • Timeout and cancel function to stop reading
  • Copy and duplicate Discs from the harddrive
  • Print Discs (with optional CD/DVD Printer)
  • Supported formats: DVD-ROM, CD-ROM, DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+R DL, DVD-R DL, DVD+RW, DVD-RW, DVD-RAM, CD-R, CD-RW


Read Disc is interesting for Law Enforcement Agencies to seize suspect data from data discs or for larger Enterprises and Archives to recopy image- and/or data discs.